All your Questions answered in one place

Some of your Questions:

Q. What is Premium Coaching ?

When a client request premium coaching, the coach will record each game played together, in order to be able to completely analyze the game with you afterwards and break it down into segments if necessary.

The two of you will watch the replay together. Depending on which position (Top, Mid, ADC, ect.) our coach can dwelve deep into the areas where you most need to improve at first, and then as you continue to grow, coaching will evolve into more specifics.

One of the many benefits of Premium coaching is exponential increase of skill with your champion of choice, regardless of lane or champion we have a coach who will be able to fit your needs.

During the replay, we explain, teach, and focus on improving the following    :

-Jungle Pathing

-Lane Countering

-General Mechanics

-Specific Champion Mechanics

-How to Know what to do next

-Decision Making

-Ganking and Counter Ganking

-Counter Jungling



-Shot Calling

-Jungle Timers

-When to group and when to go back to farming

-How to know when to initiate a fight

-And Much More


Of course, some of these are Role specific, but as a Premium Member you’re more than welcomed to ask any questions.

Premium Coaching also, of course, includes the in game coaching that basic coaching provides.

This is a great option for all of our members. Our professionals take the time to go over and analyze every game played with us to truly enhance your learning experience


Q. Can my account get suspended ?

No. You're playing as a Duo partner with our players. We will never ask to log onto your account or for your login details.

Q. Will my duo partner have his own account to play on ?

Absolutley yes! Our players will be playing on smurf accounts to play with you in-game.

Q. What's the difference between Guaranteed Wins and Games ?

When you purchased "guaranteed wins", every loss means one additional game for you. If, out of 10 games purchased, 7 result in wins but 2 in losses, we will have to play at least 5 more wins to complete the order.

If you purchased "games", our players will play with you for your selected amount of games, regardless of the result. 

Q. Can I request a specific role my partner will play ?

Yes! you're in full conrol over the partner you select. Each of our players have two "preferred roles" that they have mastered. This gives you the advantage of choosing your ideal partner who can complement the role you plan on playing. However, you're partner will play whichever role he determines best fit for the best outcome.

Q. I’ve sent my payment, what’s next ?

After your payment you will be redirected to a page with the registration process (you will also get a confirmation email from paypal). After you enter that page, you  must create a new account on our website if you don't already have one. Once you're logged in, click the "Que" button in the Order Detail section of your dashboard and you'll then start getting request from our players asking to duo! Pick and choose as you see fit.

Q. How does this service work ?

You will be playing with a highly expereinced player in ranked games. These are the Pros, the Challengers, the Masters, and the Diamond 1 players who are commited to showing you their skills, and how to improve yours.