Why Don't People Surrender in League?

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We’ve all been there

“Report Poppy” says 3 of the enemy’s team players after she thought she could tower dive level 4.

Followed by the sounds of “Double Kill” scored by your Katerina, who just so happened to also get first blood on the AFK nocturne in the river bush before minions spawned.

Fast forward to 14 minutes in game, Katerina is now extremely fed with 8 kills, every lane on your team is out farming the enemy laner, and this is all to be considered that you have one of the most broken late game wombo team comps in the game.

You know you have the win, you know they can’t come back.Sure their mid laner finally manages to get 1 kill on Kat after she dives 2 tanks at inhib tower because, you know, she’s cocky.

Still the score is now 19 to 2. You guys are up 17 kills, have controlled every objective, and haven’t lost a tower.

19 minutes in game you can feel them start to tilt, their jungler afk’d, their support and adc are fighitng in all chat, and then there is Happy Henry top lane who is trying to calm his team down.

20 minutes hit, you’ve already starting to get ready to type in GG.

21 minutes, 22 minutes, 23, 24, 25…………………..


The enemy team who just got their jungler back from an 8 minutes afk is still holding on. But why?

Down 10k Gold, no objectives, and all early game champs. Why would they not surrender?


Well the obvious answer is they just want to make your life miserable right?

Haha if only it were that simple. It breaks down into some essential reasons.

As in most cases, let's assume everyone already knows who the victor will be with zero doubt.

  1. It’s a ranked game so they aren’t wanting to give up free LP. Sadly this is probably the most logical reason even though the game is already over…

  2. They are so upset at their teammates. Sometimes people are so upset at their teammates that they find some satisfaction in just wasting their time.

  3. To actually give you the pleasure of completely your game. Contrary to popular belief, the win is the most enjoyable part of the game to most people :) So this is somewhat illogical.

  4. There hasn’t been a single team fight. Okay Okay, there is some understanding to this, but come on, there is no way they are going to win a teamfight unless everyone on your team DC’s at the same time. And I mean EVERYONE!

  5. They seriously just enjoy playing the game win or lose (Duo Legends loves the W) We all started playing to just enjoy the game! So we can understand this one although usually it’s not fun getting stomped on. Just Usually.

  6. They consider it a learning experience to continue to play. This is illogical, the majority of League games aren’t so one sided (Unless you’re part of the DL team). Someone isn’t going to be learning a whole bunch from being 1 shot, that’s just not how the game works. If they really wanted to learn they should of came and got some coaching!


Of course there are many reasons people don’t surrender. We are just scratching the surface!

But exactly why is this even a topic? Why did we choose to spend the time to write an entire blog about this?

It’s because this exact situation happens with us and our clients fairly often. After a few games of coaching and learning how to exactly win the game, we find ourselves in a position of absolute victory with no signs of losing.

And often enough, we let it get to us. Our members become so dominant in their elo that some will start to begin to tilt off the pure fact that the enemy team is not surrendering fast enough for them!


Well, winning the game is only one part of the challenge! Remaining calm, cool headed, and off tilt is an essential part to gaining and increasing your rank in League! So understanding why some people don’t surrender just another part of it. And of course it leads for fun conversation as well :)

So come join us at Duo Legends and learn how to win games faster, and better! And talk to us about why sometimes people just don’t surrender haha!

Hope to see you on the Summoner’s Rift!

And until then, Peace Beast!


-Z Legend