Coaching, What exactly is it.

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What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is an interactive process that helps another person improve, learn something, or take performance to the next level.

In League of Legends, that means, working with a trusted and skilled mentor, who has the experience and wisdom to share his/her knowledge and expertise of the game.

It is a player who has the ability to diagnose an issue and propose the proper solution, as well as to motivate others to achieve their best.

Duo Legends strives to help each and every one of our members to improve their gameplay dramatically. When you have some of the most skilled players in the game including many of the top 200 players, this task becomes a definite reality.

We provide the most accurate and comprehensive coaching possible to our students by breaking down each and every game after each game.

We offer two types of coaching, Premium and Basic


Premium Coaching

When a client request premium coaching, the coach will record each game played together, in order to be able to completely analyze the game with you afterwards and break it down into segments if necessary.

The two of you will watch the replay together. Depending on which position (Top, Mid, ADC, ect.) our coach can dwelve deep into the areas where you most need to improve at first, and then as you continue to grow, coaching will evolve into more specifics.

One of the many benefits of Premium coaching is exponential increase of skill with your champion of choice, regardless of lane or champion we have a coach who will be able to fit your needs.

During the replay, we explain, teach, and focus on improving the following    :

-Jungle Pathing

-Lane Countering

-General Mechanics

-Specific Champion Mechanics

-How to Know what to do next

-Decision Making

-Ganking and Counter Ganking

-Counter Jungling



-Shot Calling

-Jungle Timers

-When to group and when to go back to farming

-How to know when to initiate a fight

-And Much More


Of course, some of these are Role specific, but as a Premium Member you’re more than welcomed to ask any questions.

Premium Coaching also, of course, includes the in game coaching that basic coaching provides.

This is a great option for all of our members. Our professionals take the time to go over and analyze every game played with us to truly enhance your learning experience


Basic Coaching

With Basic Coaching you’ll be receiving in game coaching

This coaching will include tips/tricks/and help from your coach during the game.