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Because we are reliable. Our players have expertise in League of Legends. They come from professional teams and the top of the leaderboards including many Challengers, the top .005% of all League of Legend players.


To make you feel… As clear and aligned and motivated and inspired by your progression, as we and our top clients do.


Make our customers happy. What feels better than winning? That’s right. Knowing how to win. That’s exactly what we are going to show you how to do.


Not only will you advance in ranks, but also in skill. We’re here not only to help you along in your ranked games, but also increase your ability to compete and dominate in any division.


We will never ask to login to your account or for any of your credentials guaranteeing that your account will not be banned or restricted.


Our players are not ones to leave you hanging, if one isn’t ready to play at your notice, another will be there to fill in his spot and continue plowing through the ranks with you!

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Some of our Clients love us & so we do!

I bought 10 games, we won 9. Not only did I skip a division, but I’m learning enough that I’m crushing Diamond players in lane now.

J. D.Gold 4

I wanted the season rewards before the end of the season. Now after hitting gold 1 with them I’m about to hit platinum solo! Thanks guys!

Y. L.Gold 1

Three of my partners were ranked higher than me on the smurfs they used. This didn’t just raise my MMR, but also my skill.

A. S.Silver 2

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